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Against the Wind:

A First Comprehensive Map of how Fossil Fuel and Right-wing Think Tanks are Linked to Grassroots Anti-Offshore Wind Activity

Against the Wind – CDL – Dec 2023 (1)_Page_01.jpg

The U.S. Northeast has a world-class renewable resource in offshore wind, which is crucial for its meeting state climate targets. 

This new CDL report provides an unparalleled window into how fossil fuel interests are working with climate denial think tanks to support new community groups in efforts to obstruct offshore wind projects. Though they appear to operate organically and independently, these groups often share legal support, personnel, talking points, tactics and financial resources with organizations that have been blocking climate policy for decades.

The report provides the most comprehensive map of these relationships yet developed.


CDL Director Timmons Roberts

"Knowingly or not, these community groups are executing a strategy laid out for them by climate obstructionists in 2012."
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