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About Us

Brown University’s Climate and Development Lab (CDL) is a think tank based at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and was founded in 2010 by Professor Timmons Roberts, Ph.D. Candidate David Ciplet, and Research Fellow Guy Edwards as an experiment in engaged learning and scholarship.

What We Do

The CDL produces timely, accessible and impactful research that informs a more just and effective climate change policy. We work with leading actors in government, civil society and the media around the world in the attempt to bring about change by identifying and filling important research gaps and generating ideas for action on climate change. We focus on improving understanding of organizations obstructing action on climate change, and on issues of equity and justice in climate finance in the UN climate negotiations. The CDL is the headquarters of the Climate Social Science Network, founded in late 2020, and is one of its core research hubs. We contribute to the climate debate by providing commentary and analysis through the production of academic papers, policy briefs, op-eds and blogs, and organizing events in the United States, Europe and at the United Nations climate negotiations.

The CDL fosters transformational learning experiences by equipping Brown students with the tools to effectively shape policy and explore the intersections between climate change, development and global governance. Students enhance their writing, research and social media skills while extending the University’s reach – creating new partnerships and new lines of enquiry. Over 100 Brown students from fields across the university have been at the heart of the CDL’s activities and have had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC or attend the United Nations climate change negotiations.

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If you would like to learn more about or support our work, please get in touch at:


Follow us on Twitter: @ClimateDevLab

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