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Climate Regulation

Joshua A. Basseches,  Rebecca Bromley‑Trujillo, Maxwell T. Boykoff, Trevor Culhane, Galen Hall, Noel Healy, David J. Hess, David Hsu, Rachel M. Krause, Harland Prechel, J. Timmons Roberts, Jennie C. Stephens. 2022. “Climate policy conflict in the U.S. states: a critical review and way forward,” Climatic Change, 170(3-4).


T Culhane, G Hall, JT Roberts

Energy Research & Social Science 79, 102114

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JT Roberts, J Veysey, D Traver, B Gross, B Cotler - Energy Research & Social Science, 2021

53.  Veysey, Jason, J. Timmons Roberts, Daniel Traver*, Brett Cotler*, Benjamin Gross* and Angie Kim*. “Deeper Decarbonization in the Ocean State: The 2019 Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Reduction Study.” Stockholm Environment Institute and Brown University Climate and Development Lab. Research Report. 2019.

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